Here’s how to prepare your teen for life’s challenges and successes – and offer them a critical edge in a chaotic world.   A majority of today’s traditionally educated teens, are struggling to navigate this complex world and are giving into temptations that cost them confidence, healthy friendships, exam scores and career opportunities.

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Wake up to life!

We\'re helping UK teens lead extraordinary lives

Learning comfortable states of being

So they can choose the right future

Introducing HeroPath


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HeroPath "Awesome! Jeff & his team nailed it. I found a path I want to follow and how to take steps to achieve it. " Elizabeth, Russian student, 19.
HeroPath The February HeroPath for Teens course is now FULL. Autumn dates coming soon!!

Wake up to life!

In past generations the average teenager was looking forward to growing up into adulthood and making their place in the world. Their world was filled with opportunity.

Today, the average teenager sees opportunities for them to find their niche growing more and more scarce. Learn about the 7 critical decisions all teenagers must make. Made wisely, they result in the smooth transition to adulthood. Made poorly, they lead to years of difficult struggle. Download our presentation here showing you how your teenager can choose a successful and fulfilling life.  

HeroPath for Teens puts the control back in their hands.

Whether a teen is struggling to succeed academically, trying to find fulfilment socially or stuck needing to make critical decisions, HeroPath for Teens makes a substantial difference in their lives. Armed with the confidence, decisiveness, clarity and discipline they gain here, they can go on to achieve true personal success in the areas of life that really matter.

Press for success

What happens if you choose differently?

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What HeroPath is

Here's why the odds are against any parent getting the right result with their teenager on their own: at their age, everything in your son or daughter is SCREAMING to break free from dependence as a child and establish their autonomy. Their survival depends on it.  This is not only normal, it is developmentally critical! This is one reason why HeroPath Works – We offer a different voice in the lives of today's teens.  We help them to Choose Success.


Be Yourself

It can be hard to be yourself around certain people but teens often accept we all have insecurities and this is “just the way things are”.

Our programme shows how to start becoming the person you want to be around others, providing you with options that may not have been apparent before......and we know from experience that our approach works.


Helping Teens Who..

Get discouraged by negative comments
Are in situations where the best thing to do isn't going to be easy
Dream of things they want that need work to accomplish
Have to perform at their best for something important
Need confidence
Have social challenges that are hard to resolve


Spend a Weekend

Stop being inhibited by other people's negative comments
Have confidence to be successful
Be able to perform their best under pressure
Make decisions that ensure they stay true to themselves
Be positively oriented, whatever the situation
Develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships
Find careers that excite them

What people say

HeroPath is the ideal course to complete your education and to give you a massive head start in life. The trainers are inspiring and managed to make the two and a bit days fun and interesting.

Robert, 16, Manchester 
Our daughter Katie is now streets ahead of most adults, let alone other teens, in terms of her self awareness and development.

Maureen Silvester, Dorking
 For those who are skeptical and suspicious, what Jeff is offering is not a general motivational seminar. If you are willing to accept it, this course offers the opportunity to perform at your best throughout your life.
Harry, 17