What Happens if You Choose Differently?

If you don't want success, is it because you have swallowed some of the five lies you can't afford to believe?

How many people do you know you’d describe as truly happy? Now think about one of them and try to pinpoint what it is that makes them happy.

I’m willing to bet it’s not because he or she is wealthy (though they may be), has a great job (though they may have), or be admired by their friends or work colleagues (though they may be).

The 100% certainty is they’re happy because they’re personally fulfilled. They are simply enjoying being themselves. And without realising it, they’ve probably avoided the five lies which modern society preaches – lies which suggest they’ll make you happy, but in fact usually do the complete opposite.

Here they are:

More money, more gigabytes, more clothes – just more, more, more.  Waste the planet and your life, or take a reality check here

Lie no.2: SOONER IS BETTER: ‘I want it – and I want it now!’  Can you grow out of this one?

Lie no.3: WINNING IS BETTER:  No-one’s saying winning is wrong – but there are other ways to be successful on the road ahead.

Lie no. 4: EASIER IS BETTER: but sometimes easier gets you what you don't want.

 But one of life’s great pleasures is discovering something you personally really love doing,  – simply because it just makes you feel ‘you’.

EMPOWERED LIFE  - The excitement of teenage years is pushing back boundaries and finding the things you feel are really important to you.

 “I learned more in these two and a half days than in my A level year so far!”    
Becky, 17, Dorking