Des Barry says:

"I wanted to associate with people who are amongst the elite in the world at what they do.  In 1997 I met Joseph Riggio, a truly remarkable man, with an astounding ability to point people in the direction of their personal success. Though I had attended many professional development and performance-enhancement training sessions over the years, what Joseph delivered is at a completely different, and higher, level.

 Joseph Riggio's methodology is called the Mythogenic Self Process. I studied with him and met his associates.

"Apart from the benefits to my business, of far more value were the ways in which I could apply what he taught  to make me a better husband and parent, a much more patient man, much more aware and available in the ways my family needed me to be.

"One of the other great things that came from studying with Joseph was that I met a close associate and student of his, Jeffrey Leiken, who is now the only other trainer at master level of this model. I sensed something rare in Jeff when I first met him - a certain charisma and authenticity and gift for bringing out the best in others.

"My association with Joseph and Jeffrey began formally in 2004 when I helped organise the first workshop for teenagers here in the UK. With minimal marketing and through word of mouth, over 100 teenagers and young adults have attended these workshops in London and Dublin."

The irrefutable evidence that the HeroPath approach works and has a profound effect comes from the teenagers who have attended weekend workshops.  You can read their own words here.