Empowered life

The answer to empowerment in the person in the middle of all this – you. The excitement of teenage years is pushing back boundaries and finding the things you feel are really important to you.  And you know what? When you find something you really enjoy, the chances are you’ll excel at it– and if you’re determined and make your own luck enough to be able to make a living out of it, you might just solve your career options at the same time!

Of course, this isn’t suggesting you flout authority and become socially difficult. It’s about challenging the norm, exceeding others’ expectations and coming up with answers that are right for you. Without lapsing into selfishness, you are your own priority.

This ‘navigation process’ is called living autonomously.
 Accessing the power to function autonomously, partly by learning to reject society’s five big lies. In fact most who attend these programmes come in asking for confidence to do things like approach strangers, speak in front of audiences, try out for something they’ve always wanted to do... Things that can seem unimaginably big.

Most of them will have this by the end of the first evening!

The real adventure of their lives begins just beyond where they thought they’d ever get to in one weekend, and we’ll be there by Saturday morning.

Are you ready to step up and take the next huge step onto the adventure of the truly extraordinary life that could be yours...?


Says Des Barry:

People talk about how important it is to "be themselves" but very few are actually doing so. You can discover the power the comes from being one of the few!