Lie no.1: More is better

The ‘more is better’ message is central to most advertising and feeds on the one of the less attractive sides of human nature: greed.  And because we’re human, we fall for it all the time. But it’s a lie and here’s why:

Because if more is better, it follows that it’s never possible to have enough – so you end up in an endless quest for the unreachable. And that means a life of frustration and dissatisfaction. Who needs that?

The only beneficiaries from this ‘more’ culture are the companies trying to sell you products and services – and they in turn are driven by their shareholders to make bigger – and more – profits.

The truth is reflected by the adage ‘the best things in life are free’ – love and friendship, self- expression, being at one with nature and the environment – simply being truly ‘you’.


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Lie no.2: Sooner is better