Lie no.5: Popular is better

It’s easy to lose yourself in a crowd – and so many people of all ages do just that. They wear the same type of clothes as their friends, listen to the same type of music – and go out to the same sort of places. They cease to become individuals.

But one of life’s great pleasures is discovering something you personally really love doing, watching or wearing – simply because it just makes you feel ‘you’. Even better when you discover it all on your own – it’s ‘yours’, and even better, you don’t need others’ approval.

The icing on the cake is when people are attracted to you – and vice-versa – because of your self-generated interests and qualities. That’s when great friendships are born, which can last a lifetime. Priceless.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? But not when your parents or teachers are trying to mould you into their version of ‘acceptability’, whilst your peers are often pulling you in a different direction.

So, you understand the challenges. Now choose an Empowered Life!