Lie no.2: Sooner is better

‘I want it – and I want it now!’

Sadly, western society increasingly operates on this basis, but again, it just creates a vicious circle of unjustified expectation, stress and disappointment. And as the medical profession will testify, this is having a highly detrimental affect on our health and capacity to be happy.

The truth is anything worth having is worth working and waiting for.

I’m sure you can think of examples of something you know you’ve done thoroughly and the satisfaction that gives you. The chances are if you’ve given it your best shot, your success will reflect this.

It’s no different to going on a long journey. Getting to your destination instantly would take away the pleasure of the things you’ll see and experience en route. Even if that route takes you down different twists and turns and involves some hassle – imagine the stories you can tell when you arrive.

Enjoy the journey! No experiences are wasted.


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