Stop trying to be motivated

Stop trying to get motivated. Do this instead!

Everyone has goals and dreams - you  won't fulfill all of them, but you will achieve some quickly and some will take much longer than was really necessary.

What makes the difference?

People often think that the key missing ingredient is motivation - “if only I could motivate myself.” But that may not be enough. Motivation is generated Toward something pleasurable or Away from something painful. While you will have both – pull and push – you will have a distinct bias in one direction that dominates much of your life.

A toward motivation person will think of the plus side of things and the benefits - if they are pleasurable/positive enough, this gets you motivated. For example, a ‘towards’ person gets motivated to go work out at the gym because of the feeling after exercise. The hassle getting to the gym or the pain of lifting weights doesn't come to mind, just the ‘pumped up’ feeling after a good workout and the sense of calm this leads to.

An away motivation person will think of the pain and hurt from either taking action or not acting. In the case of working out the difficulty of getting there, the time it takes, boredom and pain might motivate you to avoid the gym! Motivation to exercise will come when the pain and 
consequences get bad enough. When clothes don't fit so well, not looking good enough, being picked last for the team, being teased - action comes from a sense of being compelled

Neither of these approaches is better. The challenge is that you become dependent upon the activity to either have enough reward and pleasure to make it motivating to move towards, or for things to be bad enough to get you motivated to do something about it. Needing to depend on these extremes puts you at a disadvantage - things must become good enough or bad enough for a response, or you have to learn to trick yourself into believing they are. This can be very limiting.

Self-discipline is better than motivation.

Discipline is significantly more powerful. Discipline is generated by a decision, attitude and skills that a person develops inside themselves. A disciplined person can get themselves to do things, when they aren't motivated. A disciplined person doesn’t need things to be fun or pleasurable, or the circumstances or consequences to be dire, to take action.

Athletes must wake early each morning to run and stretch, whether they are in the mood or not. Artists must practice for thousands of hours and face countless rejections before ever becoming successful. The same is true of any career, hobby or aspect of life.

Motivation is passive. Discipline is active. Once you have discipline, it cannot be taken away. A disciplined person can resist things that are not useful for them or work uncompromisingly toward a goal. You can learn how to be in control from inside yourself, regardless of what is going on around you... be disciplined to take action, regardless of whether or not you are motivated - the essence of what it takes to be powerful.

We don’t give motivational talks. We don’t do psychotherapy. We won’t be talking to you about your problems. We focus instead on what works for you when you are at your best.

Using the science of Soma-Semantics, we teach you with precision, how to be this way... and greatly expand your understanding of the forces at work,  for you and against you, as you make your critical life decisions...

Make the right decisions for you to lead a life that is extraordinary and ensure you truly make your life count.

We can promise results with confidence. We guarantee you will learn things that will add tremendous value to your life and leave this weekend a more powerful person.