Teenage Years Are Tough

From every angle, the teenage years are tough. They're tough on parents, watching their youngsters naturally pull away, and even tougher when inevitable conflict occurs. But for young people at the centre of  huge physical and emotional changes, it can be a quantum leap tougher. Trying to forge identities, establish good relationships and keep up with studies in today's world presents enormous choices and equally massive cul de sacs.

Navigating a positive path through options, peer pressures and parental expectations would test Christopher Columbus, let alone those who have no inbuilt sense of direction!

Ironically, it's often parents who are the worst-placed people to provide this sense of personal direction, as their relationships with their children are interwoven with so many vested interests that the teenage ear can quickly switch off.

What's sometime needed is an independent voice, one that can empathise with teenage concerns - and yet provide the reassurance of experience. A non-parental parent in effect. Ideally, this voice will also help build a teenager's self-esteem, their ability to make the correct life choices - and pass on a toolkit for a taking control of their life.

It's exactly with these aims that HeroPath UK was born under the guidance of Hertfordshire-based Des Barry, the father of two teenagers and a former British motorcycle champion.

This approach propels teenagers to take control of their lives.  How can you help your teens to Choose Success?