What HeroPath Is

Here’s why the odds are against any parent getting the right result with their teenager on their own: at their age, everything in your son or daughter is SCREAMING to break free from dependence as a child, prove their individuality and establish their autonomy. Their survival, quite literally, depends on it.

This is not only normal, it is developmentally critical! It happened to you at their age, as it is happening to them.

Teenage years are tough.  Societies far healthier and wiser than our own, always brought Wise Elders into a young person’s life at the emergence of this push to autonomy.  They did this typically in conjunction with ritualized rites-of-passage as well. These adults, who were not their parents, could tell teens things they wouldn’t listen to from their parents – the parents they were desperately trying to prove to themselves they didn’t need. These new adults brought different perspectives and, now that they were ready for it,  taught teens different skills from the ones they learned at home or in school so far  – ones they’d need to thrive on their own in the real world. The Wise Elders taught them, tested them and played a critical role in preparing them to function as autonomous, moral, contributing members of society.

This is one critical reason why HeroPath Works – We offer a different voice in the lives of today’s teens.  We help them to Choose Success.

In contrast to pop-culture and modern schooling, we bring a Third Voice perspective that enables teens to consider the value of the First Voice of parents from a position of independence and power – thus rather than it being something to reject or rebel against, it becomes something to integrate and when appropriate, fully move towards.

[In many ways, the healthiest form of development is one where the teen wants to be like their parents and the  adults around them, rather than having to be a teenager to gain the approval of their peers. This is the exact opposite of modern society!)

There’s a second reason teens take in what we provide and change the direction of their lives: Because after 25 years of doing this work, we have tremendous skill in knowing what questions to ask and how to create the context to generates an impulse to change:

Given the chance, we will figure out the questions your teen needs to hear too!

Your son or daughter will come in with whatever wavering confidence, insecurity and uncertainty they now possess, and will return to you with a positive sense about the direction they want to take in life, and the knowledge to make excellent decisions from a secure, well-formed position of maturity.

This is the stuff that changes lives. 

Don't take our word for it, see what Teens Say for themselves!