What people say


Parents say

"We can only describe the positive effect that the Heropath team have had on our son as phenomenal."

Grant and Yvette, London

"I think our daughter Katie is now streets ahead of most adults, let alone other teens, in terms of her self awareness and development."

Maureen Silvester, Dorking

"I have been delighted to see and live with the effects of my daughter Bex attending an Empowered Teens Workshop."

Judy Oliver, London

"My son attended a Heropath event six months ago;: the wisdom and application of all he learned continues to shine through. I can't commend this weekend workshop too highly, so take a closer look."

Richard Elkington, Chesham

My son, Jim, attended your workshop 2 years ago (I was the mother stuck on the motorway 2 hours late collecting him! Apologies again.)

He was having a particularly difficult time at school and with authority, but managed to see out his GCSE's with decent enough grades.  He's completed his Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and through his voluntary work is also now a Youth Worker on the local District Youth Council.

He is now at college in Cambridge taking a Uniformed Services Course and is absolutely loving it.  His ambition is to join the army.  He has just turned 17 and is really enjoying his driving lessons and has also secured a part time job.  He would probably get much more out of a HeroPath weekend now he is that bit more mature and confident, however, if he hadn't attended when he did, I honestly believe he would not have had the skills to get to this point!

You do amazing work.  Do think about extending it to adults please..............................:-) !!

Eileen, Hertfordshire

"Choice, decision making and confidence!  Thank you HeroPath for supporting teenagers to reflect on these life skills. My own teenage daughter certainly did, with a positive outcome.

I believe your independence from the family encourages individual independence. The problem for the parent/child, as I see it, is that generally children want to please, and there is a cloak of emotional attachment. Over the years, through comment and reaction, the parent has already declared their hand. So, between my daughter and me, true independence will always be difficult.

The independence of HeroPath to facilitate these discussion on life skills, is to be welcomed, embraced and warmly thanked."

David - Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Hilarie - Community Paediatrician, Midlands UK