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Teens Say 2014

"It was awesome! Jeff and his team just nailed it. I found a path I want to follow and how to take steps forward to achieve it. "

Elizabeth,  Russian student, 19.

"I found out this course from a school website.  My mum was against it but after some time I finally persuaded her. I guess I wanted to become more confident and not so distressed when it comes to exams. I definitely have gained and become more independent."

Katie 15.

Hero Path was an enlightening workshop that has helped me become clearer on decisions that will affect my life. It was very good for me as I was undecided on what I wanted to do in my fast approaching gap year. It's helped me recognise what I find important and should focus on achieving, as well as showing me what I need to avoid. I was able to realise the insignificance of problems I thought lay in my path and I now feel confident in dealing with them and taking the first steps towards my goals.

Oli 18.

"In this programme  I got to know myself much better. I noticed so many things in myself, for instance I see the world at a higher level, how I can be balanced and therefore how to build self-confidence.  It was one of the greatest experiences I had in my life. I think everyone should experience it once in their lives."

Sogol. 16. Iranian student.

“When I was first told that I was coming on this course by my mum, I was obviously worried about whether I would be comfortable with sharing my experiences and feelings. I cam with my friend and at the beginning of the course we relied heavily on each other. I was more reluctant to be separated from her than she was from me.  Looking back, I realise we became much more comfortable separating from each other and I am more independent.  While I was here I learned I really enjoyed debating certain subjects with people.  Now I’m getting in touch with a family friend about her career in law. I have also learned to deal with self-consciousness in a way that enables me to remind myself that people, more often that not, are probably thinking more about themselves than me!  My concerns about my image are more in my head.  I have really enjoyed this weekend and I have taken away more than I expected."

Zara 14

“At first I was skeptical but within a few hours I knew this was the place to be. This course has honestly changed the direction and path I will take in life.  I understand who I want to be and how to be that person.  Although life isn’t just smooth sailing, this has taught me how to follow my dream and live the life I want.  I recommend this to all. Thank you HeroPath."

Christina, 17

My mother heavily suggested this workshop, as in bought me a plane ticket to London (a place I’d wanted to go all my life) and said “hey, this will make you a better person.  Now, off you go!”   Obviously, I thought it was going to be one of those motivational “believe in yourself B*%x*@p workshops!

In the beginning there were some moments when I thought this,  but after a while you realise that the stuff they tell you is useful and, frankly, applicable to everyone.

I know I have to master the skill of story-telling because it’s so useful when meeting new people. But, most importantly, I know what my next step is in life. I don’t know yet if it’s the right one, but I’m drawn to an idea to follow. For now, it’s worth trying and that’s what matters.

Giulia, 14, Portuguese Student


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