What we do

Q: What goes on at a HeroPath For Teens weekend?
A: One of the things we do is we take teens through a process that causes them to question the structure of how they think about their lives, the values they hold, what’s most important to them and whether or not they are living their lives in relation to the values they consider crucial.

Then we up the ante.

We lead them to consider if those values are really one that will support them in realising themselves, as they grow into their adulthood.

We explore whether there are better choices they could be making, understanding that in many cases they don’t yet have the skills to be making those better choices.  By this point most teens are intrigued... often impatiently asking to be taught these skills.

Over the two days we are together, we begin to introduce teens to the life choices that are available to them and we use the group to demonstrate how choices are made. We awaken them to the difference between making excellent choices and poor choices, and when appropriate, we talk to them in a compelling away about the consequences.

Far and away the most important thing we offer them – and what separates us from anything else out there - is an insight into themselves. They discover who and how they are when they are at their best.

The suggestion we make is that, when they make the most perfect choices they are capable of  – intuition, awareness of their state, we say simply “how they feel,” drives their decision making process.

We then teach them how to organise themselves – literally down to ordering their movements - so they make the best decisions they are capable of making. We teach a series of exercises over the weekend, often using the group dynamic and peer observation, to put that resource in their own hands.

The teens then have an immediate sense of power and control.

They know how to be in control of themselves from the inside, rather than the more common experience many teens and adults have, of constantly letting outside circumstances influence how they feel, think.

This is why so many of them say the programme is “indescribable,” yet often point to how it hugely boosts their confidence, sense of security and motivation. Read what Teens Say for themselves here.

These programmes are led by people who are extraordinarily good at working with youth to get them out of being “stuck”  – a position which is just normal and ordinary for teens because they don’t yet have the life experience to move beyond these invisible boundaries.

They gain faster access to the skills, perspective, knowledge and even wisdom, from the years of life experience we bring into the room... that they just haven't acquired yet!

Programme leader Jeff Leiken is an extraordinarily talented and gifted facilitator at working with teens to get these results, as are the other highly trained facilitators who assist. This means your teen is going to be in very good company, with some very interesting people who both hold and live the values that have led to deep, rich, fulfilling lives.  Too often, these are role models that are not reinforced for teens outside their own homes.

There is something extremely powerful about hearing the message and seeing it modeled for them by adults, other than their parents.   As one teen said last year they are “the real deal” and “totally legit”.