Workshop For Success

Here’s how to prepare your teen for life’s challenges and successes – and offer them a critical edge in a chaotic world.   A majority of today’s traditionally educated teens, are struggling to navigate this complex world and are giving into temptations that cost them confidence, healthy friendships, exam scores and career opportunities.

HeroPath equips teens to succeed in spite of life’s challenges… to make decisions that lead to deep satisfaction and fulfillment… and to stay focused and disciplined, despite the excessive distractions and temptations that will come their way.

Teens who are trained by HeroPath are far more likely to fulfill their potential:

  •       They are more focused on what is critical and essential
  •       They are more confident
  •       They are more poised and composed under pressure
  •       They have far greater clarity about their career direction
  •       They develop deeper, more fulfilling relationships

See what course Graduate Ciara Hennessy says about meeting Jeff on a HeroPath weekend:


This program is especially helpful for teens who fit one or more of these categories:


  • Lack direction and need to make critical decisions regarding career   OR
  • Know what they want, but also know that it won’t be easy.


  • Are seeking to find deep, loyal, lasting friendships and relationships


  • To take on a significant challenge
  • To stand up to pressure (peer, academic, athletic, professional, etc)


Don't take our word for it;  see what Teens Say for themselves HERE.


We are offering the course at a fraction of the cost of private training.

Master Trainer, Jeffrey Leiken, is world-renowned for his training and mentoring, dedicated to helping teens learn this life-changing process. This is a rare opportunity to spend exclusive time with this innovative thinker and talented trainerJeff will take your teen through a sense of awe at life’s possibilities and open their minds to new ideas.  They will learn to take responsibility for life like never before, through captivating stories, hands-on experience and sophisticated techniques that are proven to work.

Group size is limited so each teen is assured of getting the attention they require, for a completely personalised experience of the learning.  All adult leaders are trained and licensed facilitators of the MythoSelf® Process that is at the core of the programme.  Following the workshop, to help integrate and advance the learning from the weekend: All participants join on 4 group conference calls, an online forum and receive a minimum of one private coaching session.


The model of work is exclusive, with much of it completely unavailable elsewhere. Full attendance at the weekend training is required.


CALL NOW to secure your spot at our next workshop or email: Des Barry for any further assistance.

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